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Hi guysss! 

A few weeks ago at work( well I call it work for lack of a better word lol, it’s basically just hospital practice), I had few moments which made me realize that we can’t finish learning everything in our life time 

Growing up, my mum always told me ‘you learn everyday’ , infact a lot of adults said it, I heard it on TV shows too and what not and I believed it but didn’t really pay much attention to it 

Earlier this month, I was doing my pediatrics rotation (Pediatrics is basically the branch of medicine that deals with children ) and the Doctor teaching me would ask me questions about different cases and some I could answer, others I couldn’t ( it might be interesting to add that I discovered I might have some confidence issues whilst in the midst of experienced/ senior physicians because I whispered a lot of answers for the fear of being wrong but that’s a discussion for another day ). She didn’t shout or make me feel bad for not knowing the rest, she instead explained them or gave me as ‘assignment’ to be discussed the next day and most times she learnt new things from the discussion too. I found myself wondering why I knew so little compared to what she knew and it didn’t take long for me to know why. She had 12 solid years under her belt as a MD, learning something everyday and here I was, an undergraduate trying to match half of her energy. 

Another experience I had was with the Medical Officers(MOs) and Consultant. The MOs are the Doctors readily available at the hospitals and were basically the ones putting me through. Let me just tell you, these are some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever seen but once the consultants come, they become me. Rounds of questions from the consultant can make them pee in their pants honestly and I dare not make any sound or even as much as think of it because they can end me too ( not literally but you get the gist ) 

A lot of times, because we are humans so we might have to make a few mistakes to learn important lessons and I’ve had quite a few experiences that I’ve learnt from ( many of them involve doing what an adult told me not to do lol and I’m certain I’m not alone on this one ) and I’m sure everyone has too. At the end of the day, whatever our purpose in life is, we’ll keep learning everyday and if you are like me and you feel like an olodo at the moment, keep reading everyday till you stop feeling like one. Its probably not even be school related but whatever it is, you can keep improving.  

If you have any interesting experience(s) you’ve learnt from, please do share in the comment section.

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On a lighter note, Eid is this Friday and I’m so excited mostly because of the food ( because as I’ve said before, food is life). I’ll try and do a post documenting the whole thing, something tells me it’ll be quite long. 




  1. We sure do learn everyday. And the amazing things is, sometimes kr most times we don’t realize how much we’ve learned till someone or some experience makes us realize it.


    1. I totally agree and using medicine again as an example ( sorry that’s all I actually know 😭😭) sometimes I surprisingly answer questions without thinking too much and I’m just like ‘rahh, I actually know something lol’ but before I start talking off point, thanks for stopping by!! I really appreciate it.

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