Hiii guysss! I hope you are doing well! In the 2018 spirit of eating healthier, I bring you this food post.


This post is completely inspired by my own delima.

I’m in the process of modifying my diet, cutting out a lot of unhealthy stuff ( I cry at the fact that I can no longer eat my darling bread everyday but a girl has no choice ) and incorporating the healthy one which involves a LOT of fruits and vegetables. It gets hard sometimes but whenever I remember how I don’t want to give birth in the toilet, I sit up and enjoy the food lol.

I rarely eat breakfast because I don’t have time. I’d rather sleep in for those few more minutes ( because more often than not, I sleep late as you’ve guessed ) but the few times I do eat, I’ve found healthier options or healthier ways to modify them


I’m not a big fan of oats to be honest but it’s fibre content is amazing so it’s exactly what I need. Adding fruits to just brings it to 101%!

You can substitute the sugar for honey if you like and also sprinkle flaxseed or chia seed if you have any ( both are good for bowel movement and chia seed I’ve heard is good for energy and those with high BP )


The normal ( read: old ) Tola would just spread lots of butter or use chocolate spread and move on but not anymore ( or at least I’ve reduced that significantly). I can’t give up bread completely, I just can’t so I just toast it and use the guacamole as a spread ( I know 😩). Avocado is almost tasteless on its own so I add little salt, lemon and little pepper ( because I’m a Yoruba girl ) and bam! you have guacamole.

( oh and by the way, why are avocados so damn expensive? )


Image credit: Tastetheislandtv

This is my friend Katchy’s area of expertise. I can’t eat more than 1 or maybe two because I’m not exactly a fan BUT it’s quick and it’s healthy so I guess it goes. It’s a good choice for those who looove banana


Salad reminds me of the Kardashians! Maybe if I eat enough ( and reduce the salad cream lol ) I’ll have Kim’s body lol. I don’t think there’s much to say about it, this is as healthy as it gets.


Like an old man, I put spinach in my egg and honestly, it’s not half as bad as it seems. It’s just a nice way to switch the regular bread and egg up, nothing special. If you close your eyes and eat it, it doesn’t taste different at all. So win-win.


Image credit: Eatingwell

This one is very easy especially when you are not hungry but you know you must eat. The good thing about this option is that you can add any and every fruit of your choice to it and you still can’t go wrong. Amazing right?

Anyway guys, I hope you found this post helpful! So next time when you want a quick ( healthy) breakfast and you don’t know what to eat, my blog is only a phone or laptop away.

Do you guys eat breakfast regularly? and if you do, is there something healthy you eat that you feel I should have included?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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  1. Fammmmmm…
    You should write a book with your experiences and recipes/food options or substitutes..
    “The bowel movement”
    You’re welcome


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