I realized I talk to myself too much ( I not mad I promise) and act quite a lot of drama so I thought rahhh, you can at least try and be creative with it hence the birth of this blog.

Hiiii,  my name is Adetola Fatimah Oshikoya and I am a 21 year old 5th year medical student ( It’s taking a lot of self restraint not to type out all my names, you guys are not ready ).

I watch a lot of YouTube and black American movies so in my head, I do have British and American accents innit ( you see what I did there ? ) lol and some people think I’m wierd , I shared few things that might make one think so here

Adoseoftola is a lifestyle blog ( AKA I-don’t-want-to-choose-a-niche, AKA Blog-of-all-trades) so as you can imagine it’ll include most aspects of lifestyle from just regular bits and pieces of my life, fashion to inspirational talks ( whenever your girl is in the zone ) like this one I shared. I also like writing stories once in a while so there’s that too.

I hope you guys like it, have fun looking around and constructive criticisms are definitely welcome.

Tola xx