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In the spirit of our holiday ( if you can call one week a holiday ), we set out to find a cute restaurant in a city we’ve been staying in for almost five years!! I found it funny that we had never seen this restaurant even though we’ve been to the city centre countless of times!

Amira was watching a vlog ( yes the same Amira in This post and this one too) and she saw it so we decided to go eat lunch there.

Transportation was not a problem as usual because it’s a school bus route so we just hopped on the bus and got out at the city centre bus stop.

The first thing I noticed about the restaurant( in the vlog and in the pictures I found online )were the colourful umbrellas but I think they are only there during summer for obvious reasons because it’s winter at the moment and the umbrellas were not there.

During winter

During summer

The interior was amazing! I read somewhere that it used to be a library before it was converted to a cafe- restaurant- bar and it was actually obviously because there were still books there( we found the Turkish version of ‘Twilight’ ! ) The only problem I had was that the place was too big! I found myself thinking about how stressful it must be to clean, definitely can’t be easy.

My antecubital fossa look really nice

Turkish translation of Twilight

We went there to eat so i was excited to see the menu. It was pretty standard, nothing special.

I ended up ordering a plate of spaghetti and I also ordered a San Francisco Mojito ( can someone please explain to me why the ‘j’ in mojito os not pronounced? ). The spaghetti was pretty good but a little too salty for me. The drink on the other hand tasted as amazing as it’s name ( I mean, I expected nothing less from a drink with a fancy name ). Everything cost less than 50TL ( 5,000) so it’s fair on the pocket.

The service was great. The waiter let us pick where we wanted to sit and attended to us as soon as possible. The food took a while but it was worth it so I definitely recommended the restaurant! ( that’s if you ever find yourself in Northern Cyprus lol )

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  1. I really love the interior, it looks very cosy. The fact that there are still books on the shelves is a nice plus. As for the mojito thing, I think it’s because it’s a Spanish word and in the Spanish alphabets ‘j’ is pronounced as ‘h’? Like how the name is spelt ‘Jose’ but it’s pronounced as ‘hou-zay’. That’s what I think sha. Great post Tola! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ikr! The interior was really beautiful, I just couldn’t take pictures of the entire place. Oh the Spanish thing totally makes sense now 😂
      Thanks for commenting ❤️


  2. The pictures look nice but how was the food. What did it taste like? Were the flavors bold and zesty or light and nonfilling. More details please


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