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I resumed school in September and since then it’s been go go go! We didn’t have Christmas or New year break ( we were given jan 1st off though but I’m sure it’s because of the doctors not us *rme* ) so it was nice to have a week off in February. It’s always been like this, the fact that we aren’t given anytime off but I guess I can never get used to it.

I live/school in Nicosia and hardly ever leave here so Amira ( she was also with me in this Post ) and I decided to there to visit the Harbor and Castle in the next city, Kyrenia.

Transportation was not a problem at all. We just went to the terminal and got a 6TL ticket then we waited for the bus. The journey there was quite fast and smooth. We spent less than 40 mins enroute. I almost started complaining because I’m used to traffic in Nigeria and I found the journey somewhat boring just because I couldn’t buy things along the way ( I’m very aware this is not a good way to feel, nobody should get used to suffering lol but I just couldn’t help it )

The location of the harbor is very close to the Kyrenia city terminal so it wasn’t hard to find at all, we asked only one person ( because we had never been there ) and immediately got it.

The Harbor was nice. I loved the view so much and it just felt so calm. There were a lot of restaurants around and they were all almost empty lol. I think people figured they were over priced compared to normal restaurants outside the harbor.

The Castle on the other hand, we could see from a distance but couldn’t quite figure out how to get in. We didn’t even ask around because we thought what we could see was all there was to it but by the time we got back home, another friend of ours explained that there was much more inside so we might have to make that trip again lol.

Overrall, I’d say it’s a nice place to visit if you ever find yourself in Northern Cyprus but you don’t need to go there twice. Going there once ( if you see everything unlike me ) is the literal definition of ‘see finish’ LOL!


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  1. Whaoooo, hope u enjoy ur outing. The pis are quite intresting. You should tour other places so that it won’t be just book book and book.


    1. It is always good to see u writing about such events.Although I have been there many times, your writing style, and the way you took the photos made me more excited to visit it again. Keep it up and keep us updated about your last news here in Cyprus.


  2. Zero to no break, the trials and ordeals of med students. I enjoyed this post. You and Amira had a good time. I kept thinking to myself you asked only one person for directions and found the place? In Naija you’ll have to ask about three to five people because the first one would have led you off course to a totally uncharted location.

    Whenever you can, I’d love to have you over at my blog


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