It was a beautiful Saturday morning, it was so sunny outside, one ray escaped through the window and shone on the globe on the table. He was given last year as a birthday gift from his best friend for them to narrow down his next travel destination. Femi was still lying down on his king sized bed, more excited than anxious but he definitely felt the latter. He had always dreamt of this day and he couldn’t believe it was finally here. His parents had been married for 31 years so he had always put pressure on himself because he wanted that and wanted to get it right the first time and he was sure Cynthia was the one. He still remembered the first day they met. 

He had stopped by at the supermarket on his way back from work to get groceries for the weekend, he was going to cook a rice dish he saw on the Food Channel the day before, then he saw her from the corner of his eye, standing at the cash register. He quickly picked out all the things he needed and following the slow but loud thumping of his heart he walked up to her in anxiety.

     ‘Hi, I’m Femi’ he said, but got no response.

     ‘Hey, I’m Femi’ he said again a little bit more confident this time as he waved his hand to get the attention of the pretty young lady.

    ‘Oh.. hi I’m Cynthia, I’m sorry how may I help you?’ she replied as she blushed a little.

    ‘Errm, I’m sorry, this might sound a little cliché but you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen’ She was wearing a white and blue striped shirt and black pants with absolutely no makeup on. Femi thought it was his lucky day to have met some so ridiculously beautiful. 

     “Ha… one of the most beautiful maybe, not sure being ‘the most’ but thank you” she replied smiling, using the air quotes and diverting her attention almost immediately to her supervisor who called her. 

     ‘Oh I’m sorry, I have to go, it was nice meeting you for 5 seconds…’ she looked at him waiting to be bailed out. 


     ‘Femi, nice. I’m Cynthia. I’m sorry I really have to go now’. With that, she left him and went to meet the supervisor who seemed to have a worried look on his face.

Femi realised he didn’t collect her number so he decided to wait for her to close, praying she won’t think he was a psychopath. His cooking practical could wait. God answered his prayer because she didn’t and they had the most amazing conversation. They talked about anything and everything like old friends catching up whilst sitting on the chair outside the supermarket. It was just like yesterday and today, he was going to propose.

Femi got up from the bed to get ready, it was almost 12pm so he had to get started with the plan. He had gotten permission from Cynthia’s dad the day before, her old man liked tradition so ofcourse he had to indulge him. He had his bath and put on the exact clothes he wore the day they met, sprayed his Tom Ford perfume, his Valentine’s gift from Cynthia and set out to get props from the mall. He planned to get her house all set up and decorated with rose petals, he also had few other ideas and had watched a few proposal video tutorials on YouTube. He was going to pick Cynthia up from the airport by 8pm so he still had roughly 7 hours. He got all the materials from the mall and headed to Cynthia’s house but when he got there, something was off. The gate was no longer Padlocked and there was a car in the compound, a car he didn’t recognise. 

Femi carefully parked his car and went inside leaving all the things he bought inside. He walked into the sitting room but saw nobody there although he saw two pairs of shoes, one of which belonged to Cynthia and the other obviously belonged to a man. There were also two glasses and an unfinished bottle of wine on the dining table and there was loud music which he suspected was coming from the bedroom upstairs. Femi’s mind was going a mile a minute, he was silently praying for what he was thinking to be false because that only happened in movies. He said a short prayer and went upstairs, the music getting louder as he reached the bedroom. 

Femi opened the door and saw Cynthia in the arms of another man. He almost lost his balance but gathered himself and ran back to his car before she could even say a word to him. He wasn’t sure where he went wrong, what exactly went wrong or how what was supposed to be proposal became a heartbreak but his heart was surely going to need a lot of time to heal. 

Hii guyss! 

I saved my greetings for the end today but I hope you guys liked this one. Tell me what you think in the comment section. 

I co-wrote this one with Ayomide ( @miide_e on twitter ) and you can follow him here

I hope you all had a fab week and wish you another amazing one! 


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6 thoughts on “THE PROPOSAL 

  1. Nice storyline darl…
    Keep it up…

    Only if Cynthia knew what was in store for her…

    Heartbreaking but Femi should thank his stars as every dissapoitment is a blessing in disguise.


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