You see, I’ve had a really tough academic year ( I’ve only completed 3/4th of it, I’m on the last 1/4th so fingers crossed) and yesssss, the main cause of my headache is Nigeria! but right now, I really don’t care because I had a good week!

I finished my internal medicine exams last week friday ( lets not talk about how I froze at the simplest questions during my oral exam, lets just thank God I passed sha) and was supposed to start obgyn rotation on monday but our HOD was kind enough to give us the day off so I just ended up going to the international office to complete my registration. As soon as I completed it, I just wanted to sit somewhere quiet and scream or cry for joy…lets just say it was a huge relief and i was glad to get it over with.

My friend and I decided to go out for dinner that night just so we wouldn’t waste the holiday ( trust me, that one day IS a holiday ) because on a normal day, you wont catch me outside ( how bout dahhh ), i’ll probably be reading, sleeping or listening to a podcast somewhere but we sha ended up going to one chinese restaurant at our backyard ( well, backyard because it’s literally a 5-10 min walk from our apartment) but if my baby sister ( hi derayo!) starts scolding me about how i don’t go out, i’ll sha beat my chest and say I did and it’ll be the truth.

The food was nice as usual ( well because that’s what I order every time i come here lol ) but we couldn’t finish it so we took the rest home tori, ounje kankan o gbodo waste ( because we must not waste food ) .

I’m ashamed to say this but I still wasnt ready for school by Tuesday ( let’s be honest, I’m tired and want to go home so I’ll probably never be ready anyway ) so I ended up going to school looking like Ngozi ( no offence ) wearing a ‘wake me up when its the weekend’ top and meaning every single word. Truth be told, i’ll probably look like this throughout the entire rotation because mi o le wa para mi ( I cannot kill myself ).

‘Wake me up when its the weekend’
The rest of the week was quite uneventful and apart from classes, sitting with the consultants till about 5/6pm and getting home by 7pm everyday and pretending as best as I possibly could not to recognize all the patients i saw on the road ( because that’s what we are supposed to do apparently lol ), I had a good week.


(Please leave a comment and be nice lol because this is my first post and i’m not entirely sure what i’m doing yet πŸ™‚ )


25 thoughts on “I HAD A GOOD WEEK

  1. Tola you went out??? 😳😳😳…lol. U should do that more often… oh wait.. you’re studying medicine πŸ˜”…happy reading!!! πŸ˜‚


  2. Lol nice one girl ✌🏾️ Now I wish I had the type of week you had 😩. Keep it up it suits you 😘


  3. Lmao , why am I even here …. did you tell your readers you came to my window after you finished from international office ? πŸ˜‚


  4. ❀️ Tola! I enjoyed living your week with you. And yes, ounje cannot be wasted (dorm life speaking) Waiting on the next!


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