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Hii guyssssssssss,

So I got my laptop fixed last week and when I got it back, I had to check all my files to see if nothing was deleted and what not, then it began. 

I remembered I used to actually type what happened during the day /week ( whenever I remembered really ) in 2014 because I just thought it’d be a good idea to be able to read about my life in medical school and kind of re-live the days and memories so I started looking for it and I was scared for a second that it had been deleted but I found it and boy o boy, it contained a lot lol and a couple of unnecessary things. They weren’t bad things but I’d rather no one except me has access to it. 

Journal: Periodic publications or a record of events or business. A private journal is a diary. 

Diary: Records of events, mostly private/personal especially of ones experiences, feelings or actions. 

In the following years, I still kept doing that i.e keeping a diary but I stopped typing and started writing, that was easier for me and more mobile. I struggle with it sometimes ( I’ve currently not updated the 2017 one in about 2 months I think ) and each time I get back on the groove, I promise to be more consistent and all but I still slack lol, but that’s okay, each time, I just continue  from where I stopped. Forcing yourself to update it ( when you obviously have time but you don’t feel like ) starts to seem like a chore so it’s okay to take breaks sometimes if you want. 

I also saw some pictures, a lot of pictures actually, many I couldn’t believe I actually had which made me appreciate preserving memories. Growing up, my mum used to force me to take pictures ( a lotttttt ) and she still forces me now but I’m much more receptive towards the idea now because it’s nice going through my #throwbacks in hardcopy + I think it’s easier to show visitors/ friends when they come over ( I still love my soft copy pictures as much but something always happens lol, it’s either I can’t find the files or it gets deleted somehow …. one useful way I’ve been able to preserve most of mine  is to save them on Dropbox , it’s safe that way except we wake up one day and the internet has disappeared lol ) 

I guess the main gist of this post is to encourage you to take more pictures ( and save them ) and start a diary / personal journal just to see your growth in a few years. There’s actually no limit to what you can write/put in your diary. You can include scraps, pictures, poems, goals and plans for the future and not just your day to day activities and feelings. I recommend ittttt! 

Do you guys have diaries? Apart from your day to day activities, do you include any other things in it? How long have you had it? Would y’all recommend having diaries to others and why? ( if you would) + plus have you seen your childhood pictures before?? 

Please leave it in the comment and don’t forget to share, like and subscribe. 

See ya….. xx 



  1. Keeping a diary or a journal is both fun and therapeutic. That’s why I would recommend it to anyone.
    Started years ago. But I wasn’t consistent.
    Started my current one last year as a Bujo (Bullet journal). Right now it’s everything.. Daily events, Money /Budget planning, Quotes, A Scraps page for momentos from events or travels, writing challenges, Books list (Both read and TBR) etc.


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