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Hi guys!

How are y’all doing?? I hope you’ve been having a great couple of weeks! I just want to say a quick thank you for always reading.

So a few week ago, I decided to go to Lekki Conservation Center. It seemed like everyone had visited the place except me. I planned to go with my friends twice but that didn’t just work out ( yes I’m talking about both of you, you know yourselves) because something always came up and I just pushed the thought away because I didn’t want to go alone and I was going back to school in a few days. It became a big issue between my mum and I and she went all ‘you should be comfortable doing things , going out and enjoying yourself BY YOURSELF’ and I went all ‘I am comfortable going out myself , I go to the movies alone all the time and I love it ( which is absolutely true, you should try it ) but this is Lekki conservation centre and it’s going to be boring if I go alone’ anyway, we went back and forth and even though I didn’t agree with her, she’s always right so I decided to give it a shot.

one of the numerous monkeys that chased our dear gala

I was all dressed on a Saturday morning ready to go on my solo expenditure when my friend decided he wanted to come along, God works in miraculous ways right? Yeah. ‘My friend’ is not your typical kind of friend, he is, wait for it…… a 6-year-old. I would have called him my little brother or my son but when we got there and I introduced him as one of those things, he told everybody that cared to listen that I wasn’t either of those things but just a friend so in this post, we’ll stick to ‘friend’.

We got there pretty early and met a charity group ( I think ) that we were supposed to go on the walk with but then I quickly found out that I couldn’t do the one thing I came to do – The Canopy walk, except I left him outside and went alone because he was too young. I’m not a monster so of course I didn’t leave him outside, we walked to the field and bypassed the canopy walk ( I still want to go on that canopy walk so I’m going back later , probably next year when I get back home and I’m going with a friend or two and I’ll probably make a part 2 of this post. I’m sorry mum but even if it’s not for the company, I’ll need a photographer to capture my slay)

with our tour guide
the giant ludo
This is how far he got before becoming scared. A champ.

We walked and walked and walked for a while before we got to the big open field and I was a little disappointed because I felt so much could be done with the space, they were just a couple of games like Chess and Ludo, 2 fish ponds and a few tents to sit in, the rest of the field is just…. empty. If I have any advice, it’s to go there with your picnic basket or something so you won’t walk there and back without doing anything.

A tent and lots of space
more space
the pond with the big fishes
the pond with the small fishes
giant chess

I had a little cute conversation with him after we walked there –

Me: So do you know where we are ?

Him: Errr, The con centre? ( this explains the title lol )

Me: So how has your day been so far?

Him: It’s been okay, there were monkeys chasing them gala ( true story and it was the funniest sure ever) , I fed the fishes, I took some pictures with the giant chess and ludo but I didn’t get to play giant chess and ladder ( I don’t know why he said that because they didn’t even have any giant snake and ladder board ). I also saw a big black slimy snake so I don’t like snakes anymore

Me: Would you ever like to come back here?

Him: Yeah, I want to celebrate my birthday here and my friend better come so monkeys will chase his gala too

M: So what didn’t you like about this place?

H: I had to walk for too long ( we actually stopped like 5 times to rest because the journey was too long for him ), the Bridges are too big.

So yeah we basically walked there, looked around and walked back and went home, c’est fini. Everyone complimented him and called him cute but I didn’t get any which wasn’t surprising because I looked like a toenail anyway. I didn’t show his face or any evidence of myself because I’m going back there and I want you guys to come back later to see my pretty face 😊

That’s it for now!!! Has any of you gone to Lekki conservation centre? How did you find it ?? what did you do there?? did you go with anyone?

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