*Clears throat and cobwebs*

Hi guyssss!!!!!

Its been a while, I know but I’ve been super busy and nothing prepared me for the workload! I thought it was going to be just a little easier this year but I was so darn wrong! this is a story for another day ( or maybe not )

Today I’m going to be doing one of the ‘taking stock’ posts. I liked it when i came across it on Demilade’s blog and i figured its perfect for today’s post since I’ve been AWOL. So, I’ve been-

Making: plans for the past two hours on how to get dressed and go grocery shopping.

Cooking: nothing. Infact I’ve been living off junks(read: pizza, chinchin, roadside corn&cheese, cheese bread ) for a few days now and i have no regrets

Drinking: Water and Apple juice.

Reading: A lot of neurology! Well I literally just had the exam on Friday so that’s understandable. I hope to start reading fiction again when I’m all settled this week( I have another exam in 3 weeks so I don’t know how the settling is going to happen but we move sha ) I have ‘Three daughters of eve’ by Elif Shafak and ‘Found’ by Karen Kingsbury sitting on my table

Wanting: two new black scarves. 1 chiffon and 1 pashmina. I had both and forgot them at home now my sister is using them and I’m pissed off about it 🙂 ( siblings can be annoying).

Liking: how at peace I feel. Don’t ever give up your peace for anything in life.

Playing: ‘Gone for good’ by Simi.

Looking: for how I can connect a laptop to the TV ( it has no hdmi port 🙄).

Deciding: on what to wear tomorrow. Dress normal or be a little extra because it’s my birthday….. idk.

Wishing: I had extra days to rest before lectures start again.Enjoying: listening to #TheRants on GidiLounge.

Waiting: patiently for when I’ll start making money.

Wondering: if I should change the setting of my room or not.

Listening: to a lot of Adekunle Gold and Simi’s songs off her new Album #Simisola ( she’s so amazing I want to cry 😭).Watching: Scandal!

Hoping: everything will be worth it in the end. Ko easy ( it’s not easy ).

Marvelling: at how Americans really voted for Donald Trump ( I don’t think I’ll ever stop ).

Needing: a week off.

Thinking: about the future and how I’m going to cope this week because I literally just want to stay in bed!

Knowing: how much I’ll procrastinate today and how much I’ll hate myself for it this week and that some people will just scroll through this entire post ( I see you )

Disliking: posting from my laptop. I started this post on my laptop and decided to continue on my phone. ( fun fact- I started this blog when my laptop was bad so I’ve basically been blogging from my phone ).

Feeling: alive and full.

Celebrating: Life! I mean I turn a whole 21! 21!

Pretending: to understand what I’m doing whilst ‘adulting’.

Giggling: about nothing unfortunately 😏.

Embracing: my new age! 21 better be fantastic else! ( you’ll hear from me ).

It’s Nigeria’s Independence Day today so happy birthday Nigeria! I hope One day you’ll be corruption free lol ( and happy birthday in advance to me 😀) Till next time guys!



10 thoughts on “TAKING STOCK

  1. Yesss I don’t get how some people can totally not blog if they don’t have their laptops. I sometimes blog from my laptop but my phone is very handy for everything.
    Your taking stock post is interesting though I’m just reading it in 2019. Haha.


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