Lagos life


Hi guys! 

This is just going to be about me dropping by to say hi and ofcourse talk about how I’m enjoying life! I’ve been feeling totally quite uninspired lately but I’m dealing with it. 

I took a week off work to ‘enjoy life’ basically, before you think I’m unserious, it’s a voluntary internship that’s unpaid and I had quite a few family functions to attend so I just took the entire week. I have to say I have a new found respect for the working class citizens because this 9-5 life is not a piece of cake at all but I’m not here to complain, I’ll just enjoy my pre-employment days as much as I can. 

Lagos State is a southwestern state in Nigeria, a country located in West Africa and is also the most populous boasting of almost 200 million people. 

I went almost everywhere on the mainland, not necessarily doing anything important. I visited Maryland mall finally because it had been on my list for a while ( it was opened whilst i was in school ) and well, a very young woman designed it, Tosin Oshinowo so #girlpower! I’m not sure what exactly I was expecting there since it’s just a mall but I ended up only watching a movie and eating and maybe I window shopped a little. I remind myself of the primary school kids who are usually brought to shopping malls for excursion, to think I laugh at them ha! 

    I did a really poor job at documenting my movements but I’ll improve I promise. 

    I attended my first bridal shower too and it was fantastic! To think that most of us had never met each other before and we got along really well! There’s just something about the spirit of sisterhood ( #girlpower again ) ! 

    I’m working on something interesting and I hope it’s ready in time but I hope you guys had a fabulous week! Please share how your week went in the comment section. 

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