Hi guyssss, 

I know I’ve been MIA but this time around I actually have no excuse just that I’ve been procrastinating and been very lazy! How have you all been?? Anyway, before I start talking too much, let’s get right into business, shall we? It’s a little post about traveling and airports, since it’s summer AKA travelling season, why not?? 

Travelling is lovely, really lovely but let’s not lie, it can be stressful sometimes (most times)( okay if I’m being honest, all the time! ) *coughs* MMIA*coughs* so I decided to do a little post on travelling and airport hacks just from my little experience ( emphasis on LITTLE )

Ps: grab a cup of tea, this post might or might not be long. 

Be sure of your transportation arrangements. This one is especially for people that don’t have cars. Make sure whoever is taking you to the airport knows when to come, remind him/her the day before you want to travel if need be. It’s better to disturb the person with your constant calls and messages than miss your flight! One time I told the cab man about two days before hand and didn’t bother with follow up messages or call and the morning I needed to go to the airport, I called more than 5 times and he refused to pick up, let’s just thank God I had another taxi’s number. Don’t be like me, do better. 

Print out your ticket A.K.A get a hard copy. This one seems like it’s a given but it’s actually not. Some people forget but others actually feel since they can show the airline representatives on their phones, there’s no need to print it out. No honey, PRINT IT OUT. I can just imagine my mum slapping my head if I tell her something like that. I don’t know but it sort of screams unseriousness and you don’t know when you might need it or the type of airline representative that’s going to attend to you or so help you God, your phone should decide to fuck up.

Ps. don’t forget to put it in a easily accessible place together with your passport ( and boarding pass after you’ve been given ) since they are almost always asked for together. 

Pack Light. This is one advice I’ll forever struggle with. Like I know it’s the right thing to do but it’s just a struggle especially because I’m a student and whenever I’m going back to school, I feel the need to carry the entire Nigeria there ( let’s be honest, it’s difficult not to). Try and avoid having a carry on luggage if you can because honestly everyone can do without the stress of dragging a box/ carrying a big bag around the airport ( especially if you have a long stopover, the horror!) 

If you are in a position where you need to carry ‘everything carriable’ ( e.g Tola) then you might either need to get a scale in your house to weigh your luggages or take A LOT of cash to pay for excess luggage or get someone to follow you to the airport to return somethings home for you. 

The last time I was going back to school, I was happily packing and didn’t bother to weigh it or maybe I just thought they’d miraculously allow me because I was a student LOL, long story short, I had excess luggage and when I asked for the amount, it was six figures ( in naira ) please laugh with me! Let’s just say the things I refused to remove at home, I removed them at the aiport, on the floor, while sweating like a Christmas goat, on the brink of missing my flight. It was not a pretty sight so once again, don’t be like me. 

Take snacks if you want. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the devil himself set the prices for all the things they sell at the airport especially the food/drinks or at least he put the idea of overinflation in the heart of men ( common , the devil has to take blame for something ). If you don’t mind paying for the food, that’s perfectly okay but if you are on a budget, you might want to consider this option. If you want to go with drinks, it has to be little though because they have a limit of the amount of liquid they’ll allow you pass with. 

Always wear comfortable clothes and shoes and don’t forget to take a jacket. If you are thinking of going all out with your outfit just to slay at the airport, think again o because I don’t think anyone at the airport cares about this, everyone just wants to get to their destination safely lol moreover you might be asked to take off your shoes and jewelry at some checkpoints. You don’t want to spend 10 mins doing what would ordinary take 2 minutes do you? Or imagine you running to catch your flight with your 6 inch heels, not pretty. 

Also, even if you are traveling from and to a hot place, you might still need a jacket or sweater, basically just something to cover up. Your destination is not the problem, it’s the airport and plane that maybe unbearably cold. If you are like me and you hate being cold, then don’t forget your jacket. 

Ask and tell. Seriously if you are not sure about anything, just ask. The worst they can do is ignore you or answer rudely. It often goes a long way in making your journey easier. Simple questions like if you are to claim your baggage at your first destination or if it would be transferred for you ( this is especially for those with 1 or more connecting flights ) or asking if you qualify for an upgrade and if not, what you’ll need to qualify. Imagine you sitting there in economy when you could actually be lounging in first or business class, ah! Ori mi o! I won’t forgive myself lol. 

Coupled with asking questions, tell them things nobody asked lol. You can tell the air hostesses if you are celebrating your birthday or an anniversary or even if you are going on your honeymoon. They usually have lots of freebies, you have no idea! 

Travel with mini toiletries. This is not exactly compulsory but could be necessary especially if it’s a long flight. Things like a small toothbrush and toothpaste and even pad for the ladies. Your period might just decide to come out and say hi unexpectedly and you don’t want to be caught unawares or it might not even be for you, who knows? You might end up helping someone out. 

Always have cash. In this age of internet banking and what not, we always just want to swipe and press some things on our phones forgetting that these things disappoint sometimes *coughs* Nigerian banks *coughs* It’s just always a safer option to have cash, preferably currencies of both where you are departing from and arriving at ( this is of course if you are traveling to another country). 
Well, these are all the things I could come up with. I think this is the longest post I have no? Was it long? What are some traveling tips you know that  i didn’t include? Please share it in the comment section. 

Don’t forget to subscribe and tell a friend to tell a friend to….. okay I’ll stop. You get the gist lol. 

See you next week ( I promise)



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