You Hiii guyssss!!!! 

If you can’t tell that I’m excited, well, I am because someone just finished 4th year and is going to 5th year! I’m so happy I get to rest ( supposedly ) for about 3 months and this is the last period of time I have to ‘enjoy’ my life before adulting starts so I plan on becoming a transient social butterfly ( yes it’s by force ) ! I wish I had a picture of the exam day but I don’t which is not necessarily a bad thing because I looked like some that was suffering lol. 

Disclaimer: This post contain a fair amount of food ( because food is actually life ) and book talk. 

I was going to put up a post on how to save money as a student but since almost everyone is on summer break, I figured I’ll just hold on to that for now so I’ll just be sharing bits and pieces of random information with you! 

About two weeks ago, I came across this story about a man and his family who had a ‘slave’ for about fifty something years and this happened in America and is infact very recent, you can check it out here, it’s called My family’s Slave. I also liked my friend Chiamaka’s mini post about feminism here, I read that book months ago but I’m going to read it again just to join in the discussion 

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I’ve been craving gizdodo for a while now but Ramadan + exams doesn’t leave you much time to eat /cook as much as you’d want to ( fun fact, I’ve actually never eaten it before lol but I’ve know about it for a little bit over a year now so you can imagine craving something you’ve not tasted before smh ) but I finished my exam and got right into business! I considered putting up a recipe ( since this is a ‘jack of all trades’ blog lol ) but I figured I knew some food blogs where I could direct you guys too and I was right! I found the recipe here and another one on Sisi Yemmie’s blog that even has a link to a video here

Just look at the date
Finally granted the wish of my taste buds yesterday

Yesterday, we went out for my friend’s birthday dinner and it was awesome ( we went to the movies a day before so I was out past midnight twice in a row, way to go me! )( there’s actually one more person but for some reason we couldn’t get a group picture ) 

Future MDs
Tola saying something

I also started reading this amazing book- The Abundance of Katherines by John green. I remember reading it once but I must have rushed the entire thing lol because I can’t remember anything in there. I hope I finish by tomorrow because I have other amazing ones waiting to be read!! 

That’s enough life update for now, I hope I can keep up with the regular schedule now. See you guys next week! 

How did your week go? Anything interesting you’d like to share with us?? Lol the comment section is yours 😊

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