It was a rainy Saturday morning, although just light showers, Feyi was struggling to get out of ‘Ravi’ in their two bedroom flat in the Aguda area of surulere where they moved into 5 years ago, good times. It was what the youngsters called ‘weather for two’ except she was the only one laying there as the supposed second person was nowhere to be found. She felt really foolish for thinking things were miraculously changing. It wouldn’t be his first time not coming home, in fact, she had become accustomed to his behaviour and it hardly bothered her anymore and today was not an exception, nope, she had other things to worry about.

The area seemed quiet except for the faint sound of water droplets here and there. The first time they came to check the house, it had ‘AFI SUURU’ written in bold black letters against the yellow walls. It reminded her of baba’s house in Owo, ondo state. The compound was so beautiful, still is. Cars were not zooming past probably because of the rain, seems like everyone decided to stay at home too, it was a weekend anyway, one that would have been nice to spend with her husband whose whereabouts was unknown.

Things have not always been like this, once upon a time, they were so deeply in love even the oceans were jealous, when they still did things like naming their bed but then came the frequent trial and failure for a baby that finally drove them apart. Maybe she was indeed cursed because the frequent visits to different doctors over the span of 4 years had proved abortive. The doctors said both of them were healthy, they couldn’t find anything medically wrong so they should keep trying or if they were interested in the fertility treatments, they were definitely available.

Deji was open to that option so they tried those too. They became regulars at the IVF clinic but it was so expensive they couldn’t keep up and that was the end of that. Back to square one, no baby and now, no money too. Feyi couldn’t not remember every discussion in between but the last one ended along the lines of ‘you barren witch, you better find a solution to your problem before I send you packing’ but today was not the day for thinking, she had planned how she would spend her day and as trivial as they might seem to others, she would go through with all of them because she needed to get out of the house.

First, she would go to Mosunmola’s house. Mosun as she was fondly called had attended the same high school as feyi. They lost contact right after and had only reconnected after they met at the market last month. Today was the first day they’d meet after that. She would then go to the mall for some shopping. It’s been really long since she did that so she was really looking forward to it then she would end her day at White park, it was just 10 mins from her home so she could walk back.

At this park, while watching the little ones run around, Feyi would receive a devastating phone call from a stranger informing her of a ghastly accident in which her husband had been involved in and in exactly 2 years, at the same park, she would be here as 15 months old Oluwatamilore’s mum still watching kids run around.

Feyi didn’t know all these, right now, she just had to clear her kitchen, get ready and pray the sun would be out in all its glory before she sets out to mosun’s house.

*i’m not a story writer guys but I like writing stories once in a while ( if this even makes any sense ) but constructive criticisms are definitely welcome in the comments. 

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11 thoughts on “RAIN: A STORY 

  1. Ku ise omomi🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽


  2. lol…lemme annoy you small.
    tell Feyi to stop worrying so much as it may affect fertility. hihihi
    interesting story…


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