Hi guysssss!!!! I’m here again 🙂

You know, I thought it was going to take a while before going all medical on you but apparently not. Since I cant escape it, I’ve decided to embrace it, abi? I kuku have no other choice. Today, I want to talk about breast lumps lol, I  was thinking about how I was going to word the title for so long and as soon as I started typing, I just decided to wing it. I’ll start with a mini story.

When I was 19 ( I’m 20 now lol so this was just last year ) I felt a lump in each of my breasts, they were painless ( if I’m being completely honest, I probably found it wayyyy before but I kind of blocked it out of my mind because fear dey catch me ) and it was so scary so I told all my friends who cared to listen so in case i talk myself out of going to the doctor’s, they’ll talk me back into it. I ended up going to the hospital ( infact I went to two different doctors lol because I  wasn’t going to take chances ). Long story short, it was just fibroadenoma and a bunch of cysts here and there and nothing to worry about ( fibroadenoma is a non cancerous lump and its quite common in young women… it makes up about 60% of lumps found in women <20 years old ) so I’m good but what if it was something serious? something that an early diagnosis would have gotten rid of? I know it is scary but early diagnosis is key fam and severity of 90% of breast cancer cases could have been reduced if they were diagnosed early

From what I’ve been taught, here are some of the things to look out for ;

  • Dimpled breast skin ( like an orange peel )
  • Visible or invisible lump… so press your breast because its your own!
  • Nipple inversion or change at all
  • Bloody discharge
  • Texture change
  • Colour change
  • Itchy sore or rash

It can be scary because you might find something but the quote ‘don’t go looking for something you don’t want to find’ holds no ground here biko! look for it and go for treatment so you don’t become an addition to the statistics! oh and the internet is your friend, has almost every information you need.


Don’t forget to leave a comment!!!! see you next week with a non medical post lol and if you’ve not seen my first post, check it out here 🙂




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